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The Analog P3 DIY Gauge allows you to custom install this gauge anywhere in your car for a beautiful OEM+ sleek look! Wiring and cutting may be required, and this Analog version is not Plug & Play (click here for the OBD2 Plug & Play DIY version). 

  • Hard-wires to power and ground
  • (Don't want to hard-wire? purchase our OBD2 power/ground tap harness instead)
  • Display is oversized to give you the ability to trim it down to the size and shape that you want - 5" Long 2.25" tall and .75" deep. *If you decide to modify display, any cutting or modifying is your responsibility. We suggest using a dremel or similar tool for shaping the display. Lexan will crack on edge if using snips so you will need to cut oversized and then file down to the final size for a smooth edge. 
  • 3' display ribbon cable allows for easy routing in tight spots.
  • Display is made of aluminium and lexan.
  • All electronics in the display are located directly behind the LEDs and buttons. Any material outside of that can be trimmed down. (see product photos)
  • 4 mounting tabs allow for mounting to roll cage or flat surfaces with screws, zip ties, adhesives, etc. Can easily be adjusted or trimmed off if not used.

4 Available Analog Readouts 

  • Analog boost (yellow/purple/black - dedicated plug for analog boost sensor)
  • *boost tubing and boost tap not included with base kit 
  • Analog input 1 (brown wire - can read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor)
  • Analog input 2 (blue wire - can read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor)
  • Battery voltage (read through power and ground wires)

Optional Add-Ons

  • P3 ESVA (ethanol sensor voltage adaptor) allows your gauge to read ethanol content and fuel temp directly from any Continental/GM Ethanol sensor *Ethanol sensor not included
  • LC-2 Wideband o2 Sensor Kit allows your gauge to read your vehicle's Air/Fuel Ratio. Includes everything you need to add a wideband sensor to your exhaust.
  • Tubing Kit approximately 5' of 5/32" O.D. flexible plastic boost tubing with vacuum "T" and 3 sections of 5/32" I.D. vacuum hose. Includes 3 zip ties
  • Any Other 0-5 Volt Linear Output Sensor Can Be Read oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, air ride pressure, egt, etc...

Base kit parts list

  • DIY display
  • Aux box
  • Main harness
  • Hard-wire harness
  • Analog boost sensor *boost tubing and boost tap not included with base kit

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Love my P3 Gauge and that it can read boost and plenty of other important info. One of my favorite mods.


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Shoutout to Driven District for being so helpful with outstanding customer service on the exhaust! Exhaust is wonderful. Thanks again.


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