Eurocompulsion Fiat / Abarth 124 Spider Hi-Flow Crosspipe

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Introducing the HI FLOW CROSS PIPE Exhaust piece for the 124 Spider and 124 Abarth, made and designed by EUROCOMPULSION.

The biggest restriction in the 124 Abarth/124 Spider's cat back exhaust system is the factory cross pipe. The factory pipe pinches down in several spots to about 1 7/8 inches in diameter and impedes flow. Our pipe is the highest quality best performing cross pipe we could develop.

The EUROCOMPULSION Upgraded Cross Pipe was designed to increase flow and performance, while maintaining the proper pressure and flow ratios to prevent bottlenecks, restrictions, or unbalanced changes to back-pressure. Performance is equal to most cat back systems on the market, and adds a smooth deep tone to the exhaust note (does not increase sound loudly or produce obnoxious noises.

Includes all mounting hardware, flanges, and comes complete with high quality Titanium heat wrap and wrap clamps to protect surrounding components.  **(It's our opinion that this is important for all aftermarket cross pipes on this car. The factory wrapped their pipe in extra metal and put a heat shield between the pipe and the slave cylinder and they have a duct that blows air on it. Clearly they didn't want that slave cylinder getting too hot, plus the oil pan and transmission are nearby)**


  • Handmade entirely from 304 stainless steel (including the attachment flanges and the welds)
  • High Quality Hardware
  • High Quality Copper reinforced outlet gasket which allows multiple re-uses.
  • 2.25 inches in diameter
  • Pairs with the stock catalyst and mid pipe, or the Record Monza Exhaust
  • Increases Power and Flow
  • Smooth, Deep exhaust tone
  • Includes High quality Titanium Heat Wrap (direct 1800F limits, 2800 radiant limits)
  • Will not trigger CELS or DTCs of any kind. O2 sensor bung is welded in place with the correct location and distance for sensor probe placement in the exhaust flow unlike some competing exhaust pieces (which cause exhaust leak DTCs).


  • 124 ABARTH / 124 SPIDER (MT)
  • 124 ABARTH / 124 SPIDER (AT) Does not fit due to a lack of extra spacing

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