Mazda Miata ND High Flow Cat / Cat Delete Pipe Ragazzon

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Cat Option

When it comes to power, your factory catalytic converter is the main thing holding you back. Let your ND Miata breath better with either a 200cpi High Flow Cat, or a Cat Delete pipe. Both featuring oversized 60mm piping. Each Ragazzon exhaust piece is crafted in Italy and is of the highest quality.

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For installation on the original midpipe, you need to cut and use this sleeve here: 54mm to 60mm ND Miata Exhaust Connector Sleeve

For installation on the Ragazzon midpipe, you need to cut and use this sleeve here: 60mm to 60mm ND Miata Exhaust Connector Sleeve

*You are accountable for you local exhaust laws. An ECU tune is recommended when going with a high flow cat or cat delete.

Please note that some exhaust parts may be "in production" with Ragazzon and not available for immediate shipment. If this is a time sensitive order, please contact us first at to get an approximate shipment date. All Ragazzon parts will ship together once available. If an item is not available for immediate shipment and you place an order now, it will put you ahead of the queue and secure the earliest shipment date possible. Please note, there may be an import fee/charge depending on your location; these charges are usually fairly low but will be sent straight to you.

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